Child Participation

Theatrical action by children

We helps children to learn about their rights and take an active role in their communities’ development.

Children have the right to participate as citizens – but in many parts of the world they have little say in decisions that affect their lives.

We help the children and young people to become aware of their rights and learn what they, their parents, and governments need to do to fulfil them.

We strengthen children’s confidence and leadership skills so they can come together to press for positive change. We also enable children’s and youth organisations to engage with decision-makers, monitor children’s rights, and hold government and service providers to account.

From school management committees to national budget reviews, CMC works to strengthen public accountability mechanisms so that they support the participation of children and youth in local and national governance.

We work with public officials and institutions to become more transparent and receptive to young people’s views.

We also strive to ensure that young people have access to child-friendly public information so that they can better engage and participate as citizens.